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Rotary Hammer - Z1C-30 / 30A (1050w / 950W)
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Powerful motor delivers high output and overload protection
SDS toolholder is compatible with most bits the user has
Three modes of operation - Rotation with hammering, hammer-only and rotation-only
Slip clutch - When bit jams, the clutch slips - rotary action stops
Grease system to lengthen the tool's life
Multi-position side handle allows user to position the side handle wherever it best suits the application
D-style rear handle offers the operator a secure comfortable grip
Exposed soft leather helps reduce vibration when operating the tool
Comes with break point bit, flat head chisel, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM masonry bits, removable independent depth rod, lubricant and blow mold case.

Rated Volt: 110V / 230V
Rated Frequency: 60HZ / 50HZ
Rated Input Power: 1050W / 950W
Speed: 850RPM
Drill Diameter In Wood: 40 mm
Drill Diameter In Steel: 13 mm
Drill Diameter In Concrete: 30 mm
Net Weight/pc : 5.5 kg
Pcs/ctn : 2 pcs
Gross Weight/ctn: 17 kg
Meas/ctn: 46 X 31 X 39 cm
Pcs/20' Container 1050 pcs
Certificates: CE, GS(Passed FFU), EMC
Click picture for an enlargement. of the rotary hammer
Click picture for an enlargement  of  the  soft leather of  the rotary hammer
Click picture for an enlargement of the rotary hammer.
Rotary hammer kit
The exposed soft leather offers you comfortable feeling
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