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Rotary hammer - Z1C-26A / 26B / 26 (750W / 580W)
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Powerful motor delivers high output and overload protection
Three modes of operation - Rotation with hammering, hammer-only and rotation-only
Slip clutch - When bit jams, the clutch slips - rotary action stops
Externally accessible brushes.
lubricant system to lengthen the machine's life
Quick change bit system for less downtime.
Fully Adjustable Side Handle: Rotates 360°
Comes with break point bit, flat head chisel, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM masonry bits, depth rod, lubricant and blow mold case.

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Rated Volt: 110 / 230V
Rated Frequency: 60HZ / 50HZ
Rated Input Power: 750W / 580W
Speed: 850 / 850 / 750 RPM
Drill Diameter In Wood: 30 mm
Drill Diameter In Steel: 13 mm
Drill Diameter In Concrete: 26 mm
Net Weight/pc : 4.8 kg
Pcs/ctn : 3 pcs
Gross Weight/ctn: 23 kg
Meas/ctn: 45 X 33 X 36 cm
Pcs/20' Container 1600 pcs
Certificates: CE, GS, EMC
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Rotary hammer kit
Square corner of handle
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