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NEGOSO Rotary Hammer
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· Rotary Hammer Z1C-F32/F32A...
· Rotary Hammer Z1C-N32/N32A...
· Rotary Hammer Z1C-28/28A/28B
· Rotary Hammer Z1C-32A
· Rotary Hammer Z1C-30/30A
· Rotary Hammer Z1C-32/32B
· Rotary Hammer Z1C-26 rh
· Rotary Hammer Z1C-26 sh
· Rotary Hammer 25 pcs set

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Quality Control

Our QC personnel are all experts in their respective product assignments. They check the quality at every stage of production, from the incoming raw materials to the finished products.

An independent department is responsible for checking the safety and quality of all newly developed products as well as those that are mass-produced for our customers.

We implement a company-wide education and training program about quality control that is required of every employee and worker.

All these help us ensure that our products are compliant with standards set by CE, GS, EMC approvals.

Negoso products are your best choice. Look at the certificates we've obtained.

Click here for CERTIFICATES or links on the left for model details. Or contact us.

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